Deeper writing parsing with getters

Programming this is fairly easy. The harder part is having the forethought to know exactly what I’m going to need.
I know that with items I need to have a way to organize them on a player, track them efficiently on the server(to prevent duping, spawning from thin air, etc), and what sparked getting this done is that I also wanted to make it so Events can modify your clothes – which are an item.
There was quite a lot of doing over that I had to do when in the middle of working on it I kept … Continue reading

Custom scene scripting

First off, I’m not getting things as done as quickly as I planned a few days ago. I thought that in 2 weeks or so(June 16th, since I figured that), I could have a ton more done and launch a new Kickstarter.
Turns out, I’m just way too exhausted from working so hard to do what I’ve done already, in making a new engine. Some days I was working for 20 hours straight, and I still haven’t fully recovered. I took 2 and a half whole days off, but I was still tired.
So, I’m taking things slowly. … Continue reading