About the Game

LEWD is an upcoming, free-to-play, erotic text adventure game, currently in development.
You can help make it great by giving your feedback on the forums and by supporting our Patreon.

The goal of the game is to create a persistent world that’s constantly changing by your actions.

Even when you stop playing, the world will continue to change, leading to new, unexpected experiences when you return.

You play your own character. Whether that’s breeding aliens, spreading around nasty things, rising up the ranks of “space academy”, buying up all the panties repeatedly and then burning them so no one can afford panties, or just trying to fuck or not fuck every single thing – you make your own story.

With enough support, there will be millions of words of content, as well as an immeasurable amount of procedurally created content. The engine is already in place to make this happen and now it’s a matter of getting everything written and designed.

LEWD is current in early alpha. This means it’s far from finished, and there’s a lot of lofty goals that we’re working toward. Many things may be completely redone, such as the UI, map, and so on.  There is much to add that the engine already supports, such as cooperative content, minigames(games inside a casino/bar instead of simply text), player generated content, procedural content, and so on.

LEWD is similar to MUDs (multi-user-dungeons) and other online text adventure games of the past. What I’ve mainly set out to do with it is to make a new engine that is far easier to make content for, with a powerful and flexible development tool.

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A system map makes it easy to travel around to the different areas, and could contain even more later.

Most of the game is designed to work like a typical choose-your-own-adventure.