Intermediate Update – LEWD no longer requires WebGL, and changes to writing contract

This isn’t the Alpha3 release yet, but I wanted to release this part of the update early as it now makes the game playable for those that don’t have a computer or browser good enough to support WebGL.

It should start with the fallback CSS3D renderer and automatically switch to WebGL if you have support for it. And you can toggle between them in the settings to use whichever you prefer.
There are also various efficiency improvements to both the building of the star map initially, and the WebGL rendering.
The CSS3D renderer may still be slow for … Continue reading

Small intermediate update

I’m not ready to bring around the third Alpha yet, but I wanted to release this update now of something I was working on toward it since some of the improvements to rendering are important.

Following this update, the next thing I’m going to be working on is getting the alternate non-WebGL renderer so people with lower end computers, or without WebGL support at all, can play.

  • The flare of the star now has non-linear attenuation to emulate eye adjustment and give a greater sense of intensity and scale.
  • Fixed some issues that’d use too much memory/CPU with the … Continue reading