Test server update

  • Added an open ended system for prompting text inputs from the player.
  • Added an additional “submit” input key into bindings. Default is “enter”. This is used for text inputs since the default “space” for confirming other things obviously doesn’t work well when it comes to typing things that could have spaces. :p
  • Added in the key for switching between different interaction focuses in the game (ie between chat, the map, and scenario) to the settings, which previously wasn’t rebindable. Default is “tab”.
  • When you don’t meet the requirements to select a dialog option, it now gives some hint to … Continue reading

Test server update

So far, still updates to get some enhancements to the engine all working smoothly, and to have the capabilities there for new upcoming features. Also got some more bugs fixed.

  • Introduced a preliminary to restore player instances of game data. This should make some content work that wasn’t before, like the Macsen sex scenes that required tracking a “fondness” he had for each player. It also gets items restoring to their previous equip/unequipped state, and makes a lot of new content we’re working on possible. It’s just preliminary since it’s just a short persistence, and there are a lot … Continue reading

Still working on the later issue from the last test server update

A lot of problems cropped up from the recoding I was doing for the upcoming update, dozens really. I think I’ve mixed all of them except for one weird issue with items not coming up the first time, but working fine for a reloaded save. Maybe there’s some other related issues as well.

It should basically be playable now, and let me know if there are more issues. The server is still going to be going down now and then as I look into the cause of that aforementioned issue, however.

Test server will be down a bit over the next few days

I’m working on a really complicated engine change, and the server is going to be up and down as I test out different things.

The main server will be there to play on as usual.

This server going down thing won’t be a regular occurrence, it’s just until I get this one addition finalized on it and one more that needs to be done down the line. Soon enough it’ll be mostly feature complete and won’t need to be taken down like this. The gameplay and content things get added without needing to take down the server, but core engine … Continue reading