Test and Main Server Update, alpha 1.2

  • Progress through scenarios is now saved between sessions on the client. (This fixes it describing something as unfamiliar when it shouldn’t, and so on)
  • Updates to the renderer.
  • The starting screen now will detect if WebGL isn’t support and/or has crashed on your browser, and report an error to that effect.
  • Starting screen errors are more clearly noted.

There is a known issue with the “More of the same?” options on the ‘taur girl sticking in place when you select one. I’m looking into that and will have it fixed soon. Think I’m getting too tired to get … Continue reading

This month’s plan (in short, a slow month)

So, just an update: I’m mostly taking a break this month.

The previous months I was sometimes spending 100 hours a week working. Some things were a huge pain in the ass, getting the game working and polished up better on a very different engine than it was running on before. Suffice to say, I need a bit of a break now that it’s mostly working and the holidays are here.

It’s hard for me to focus on programming when I’m interrupted with holiday planning, shopping, etc. I need to be able to sit and work on something all day … Continue reading