Alpha test server access is now available for Patrons!

For those that are or become Patrons, you can access the test server at right now! I’m aiming to have this first public(as in, not supporter only) alpha release finished in August, or early September at the latest.
There is also now a private forum for supporters, including some extra information at here

For now, it’s too expensive to have lots of players on it until I have some really complicated caching and other things like that to save cost added to the engine. Not to mention, there’s a lot more I want to add before … Continue reading

Come Alpha: Character saves

Getting really close to opening up test server access to supporters. Character saving and some account management things are just about ready. Here’s a little preview:


Mostly just tying up some loose ends right now. The initial launch will be a little rocky and it won’t be until the Alpha is made public to everyone in Alpha that things are actually nice and smooth, of course.

Another small update: Settings

A while back someone suggested on the forums that it’d be nice to have a way to hide images for those that just want to enjoy text or need the privacy. Which is a good idea.

I did a recoding pass over the settings API I had in place, to unify some things make it more maintainable, reduce the amount of code, and I also added in that “hide images” option. So that’ll be there when the alpha comes.

Putting the CSS renderer off until later

I was planning on having an alternate render of the solar system for those that can’t run WebGL for the release this month, but I’ve been running on issues with both getting it working how I’d like, and in a way that forms a unified API with the other renderer.

This is taking too long for something that affects <5% of people, so I’m going to put it off until next month. The early release is going to require WebGL support.

Come Alpha: Improved solar system renderer, introduction

First off, the intro. I’m adding a sort of preword to the game to give some context to the world at the start.

As far as the rendering, things have changed a lot there.
When I first made the pre-alpha, WebGL was not very widely adopted. Instead I used Canvas with a little WebGL extras.

On top of being able to do a lot more with WebGL, it’s also typically a lot more efficient since a lot more of the work is done on the GPU.
Though with improving it, I wanted to keep an impressionistic look and … Continue reading

Come Alpha: Area markers for Quests


I added a new addition for the upcoming Alpha. Just a little thing, really, but still quite useful and quite a change.

Currently it’s just used for the quest to collect a shirt for Kayleigh. That was never a specific spot, and just where the plantgirls can be. It gave a spot, but you could end up not finding the item once you got there as it rolled randomly each movement. Now it’s much more clear with something like this, that it’s something you find in the area.

There are … Continue reading

Another update

Been 6 days since I posted anything, so figured I should post something.

There hasn’t been a lot to post about since most of what I’ve been working on is just simply revolved around the porting process. The old engine is extremely different from the current one. Getting the content to just have parity to how it was before has been quite a thing.

I’m almost done with that, though. In our private alpha (just dev access right now), almost everything is working how it was before plus all the other little improvements and bug fixes. I just have one … Continue reading

Patreon account linking, rewards, and an update on the upcoming alpha timeframe

You can now link your Patreon account to your LEWD account.
This will credit your account to spend on rewards and funding goals coming later this month, and will give you access to special, secret, Patron forums.

Usually Patreons have some goal things that are per charging period, monthly in this case. I didn’t think that fit as well for LEWD.

There’s also the whole thing where I can’t really give good rewards for the monthly amount that wouldn’t make too much classism, however there are some longer term … Continue reading

Come Alpha: New body descriptions, framework, and reworked parsing

Here’s another preview of what’s coming with the Alpha1 release. Like most things, how some body description parsing stuff worked before wasn’t what I intended. It’s just a prototype, and I meant that. It was just something I threw together quickly.
It was to learn the things I’d need for the real framework for what’s to come.


This is still not the final result, but I definitely have much better things working on the back end with this even though how it’s displayed here could be better.

The new … Continue reading