Registration fix

Registration was down for a few days due to a mis-configuration.  It is back up again.

For those that registered while it was “down”, I think I was able to make those accounts still work. If there’s something I missed and those accounts are problematic, just message me on the forum.

A new direction – bringing the tools to others sooner with Creightr

Creightr – Make and play games easily

Before I had that whole plan that I’d make LEWD, but I always wanted to develop the engines for others along side that, to give back and all.

I decided to change gears and do that later thing first. You know, I just think there’s a lot more appeal to more people to have something to easily make a game with.
Not only that, but I had trouble finding motivated people to help work on LEWD. With Creightr, it’s other … Continue reading