An update to the Writing Parser

I have a much bigger update that’s already partially done and on the client, with a lot more content. However, it’s not finished so I wanted to make a post about this one particular update that’s deserving of a post of its own.

The last update for the writing parser was both a rework of clothing and bodyparts. This lead to me being able to update the character generation to allow custom descriptions, and a lot more variation in the verbage that the writing parser outputs so you don’t keep seeing the same descriptions over and over. There’s more detail … Continue reading

A new update after a long hiatus

Hey again, everyone~
Well I took a 2 month break for various reasons, some of which was the holidays. Now I’m back to try and work on it a lot again, and speed things along. I already have a pretty big update for you all. 😀

-Polished up some text on the death screen. It was inaccurately saying that it was a WIP. (WIP is pretty relative, this being an alpha, but… yeah)
-Fixed many issues that involve changing what part of the UI is focused (mainly tabbing or clicking between chat and the map/scenes)
-“bottoms” description … Continue reading