Alpha 1.3, hotfix 2

I want to reiterate that we’re always looking for feedback on the game, and that you can post that on the forum. In developing a game, you sometimes see things a certain way and things seem to play fine, but you need that perspective of how it is for people that are fresh to it and how that might not be the best. We especially need feedback from those that are supporting the game monetarily and helping progress it that way, and what they expect, what could be better.
It’s just an alpha, yeah, but you shouldn’t just assume … Continue reading

Minor test server update

Been just mostly thinking, working on some new content, and getting the new writers situated. So this is just a few minor things I got added or fixed up.

  • Added some extras to the writing parser to further make changes to content based on past choices easier.
  • Fixed a bug with saving certain client data that messed up how things were displayed between sessions.
  • Removed something about how scenario content is displayed so some odd edge cases wouldn’t happen when it comes to different ways to deliver content. It now no longer removes repeated selections, and instead has the … Continue reading