Patreon bot updates

The main update was so the bot will update daily what the pledge is set to for people’s LEWD account when they change it on Patreon, and to update how much of their charges have gone through to be credited to their LEWD account to spend on rewards when those come.
The other thing is to do something about all the abuse.

You see, Patreon is really shitty system, for those of you that don’t know already. I knew this already and would prefer not to use it, but there aren’t a … Continue reading

Dev tracker is now up

You can now view the automatically generated updates whenever a developer adds or changes content in the game.
View it by clicking “Dev Tracker” under “Pages” on the right side.


Should note that this excludes all the programming I do to the client and engine, so it leaves out quite a bit but it’s still useful to see what content has been added or modified on the test server. It’s an easy way to see what we’ve been working on, albeit a little cryptic.

I also made some minor adjustments … Continue reading

More bug fixes up on the alpha test server

  • Fixed a bug where the descriptions for the part didn’t work when there was no slider
  • Various things that caused the player to get frozen were fixed.
  • 4 different types of parsing errors are fixed and I improved how clothing descriptions are generated slightly. If you still see parsing issues, please report them on the forums.
  • Fixed a race condition that caused problems with queued scenarios, which in particular made it impossible to move around in The Matriarchy and could mess up some Outpost 833 content.
  • Made some adjustments to the movement that should prevent a lot of the … Continue reading

Almost done with the map editing tool

There’ll be some updates to the 3 maps, and some additional ones soon.

Previously the maps were generated from a texture map which was quite a pain to update, and I needed something especially easy for people that don’t deal with image editing programs, and to not need to switch back and forth from one. This’ll make it a lot easier for when we have to make dozens or hundreds of different areas, as well as making little adjustments super easy.

This is a bit different view of the map than what it is in the game client, showing all … Continue reading

Writing tryouts – phase 2

One of the three writers I chose last time wasn’t able to work on the game, so I’ve set up a new tryout application with a few updates to it.
I’m looking for at least 1 new writer to join the team, but I might select up to 3 based on how the Patreon goes next month, and how good the submissions are.


In particular: I’m looking for writers that excel with writing dialogue and interesting, endearing characters. Not just the same moe character, but just characters … Continue reading

New writing tryouts… soon.

I meant to get it out today, really, but there’s a lot of bugs in the game that I want to get fixed first. Too much content isn’t working correctly. They’re really difficult bugs as well, and it’ll take a few days.

I will be opening up the tryout application soon though, and I’m going to be looking for at least one writer, but perhaps more.

Working on a major engine change. Things will be extra buggy the next few days

Feel free to report the bugs on the patron-only forums, though.

I’m also going to be sharing some content-plans stuff privately to Patrons, so check your email for that soon.

I’m working on a really big engine level change that is going to break lots of stuff.
Though I had this planned and lots of code already works around its eventual implementation, I still think that’s a lot of stuff that’s going to break.

The change is all about instantiation

In programming, instantiation is the creation of a real instance or particular realization of an abstraction or … Continue reading

Update notes for Alpha 1 pre-release update 2

  • Fixed an issue with save clearing not actually working. Oops.
  • Fixed quest arrows not showing up.
  • Fixed new text in scenarios not automatically scrolling down, along with some other scroll bars.

Sorry, not many updates here. I was sick the past few days in addition to needing to just get something done that calculates the share of the writers work. Today my back is killing me. I should have cooler things to share later this month, though. Already have a few things in mind and in the works that just aren’t ready to be shared.

Alpha update notes for Alpha 1 pre-release update 1

Here’s some notes for the first significant update since the Alpha test server went up on July 31st.

The main focus on the next update will probably be some engine improvements I need to add, for instancing game objects that enables a lot of neat stuff with content and which will help fix a few bugs with items and some other things.

  • The feedback and rating system for scenarios is now working.
  • Fixed a parser error that’d happen if something was caught that ended with a period.
  • Lots of other additional problems with the parsing has also been fixed.
  • Continue reading