Another small update, and thoughts on the Writing Parser

-Minor, but needed, forum styling changes.

-Fixed a(the?) bug that would cause the solar system to not build.
-Updated much of the game server’s code. Hopefully I didn’t make new bugs in doing so.
-Added some more errors to initialization to hopefully clarify things or track down issues.
-Updated writing parser to strip out escaping backslashes after they’re no longer needed.
-Fixed an issue where the Scenes in complex Events would delete out previous text that they shouldn’t.
The intended behavior was that writing history in scenes would stay there, but … Continue reading

A fix to the last update, and more

-Comments on blog is working again! Though, they still don’t update the comment counter that WordPress has. I’m going to probably need someone to do the WordPress and Vanilla Forums coding in the future, so I can just focus on the game.
-There is now a suggestion forum. I didn’t set it up before because I had a clear plan of what I wanted in the alpha. But now that I’m going to launch a new kickstarter soon, I can start gathering ideas for the road toward a beta (assuming it’s funded).

-Fixed a bug … Continue reading

The largest update yet

Well, could say that the update to the new look with the solar system was big. It was, code wise. But this is the largest in terms of content being added at once, and there being so many little game changes.

-Fixed male gender icons being displayed for all NPCs.
-Fixed scenes not exiting when a piece of clothing wasn’t worn.
-Fixed a bug where the writing parser would describe something similar to “___ and ___ and part” instead of “___ and ___ part”.

-When joining a new Zone, the camera is centered on your new … Continue reading