Progress on the new tools (and a usage reference)

It’s going to be at least a week until I get the dev tools updated. I injured my arm and need some rest, and there are more things I realized I should do while I have the game server down.

I thought I should post about the tool both as an update, and it’ll serve as a reference to explain some things for those using it, as I’m thinking of making it so people can try it and out and make their own game so I can get some feedback. What I think is easy an intuitive might not be … Continue reading

Explaination for the lack of updates and some near future plans

I took almost 2 weeks off from directly working on LEWD because I needed to make a new chat for one of my other sites, RPHaven.
Really, I had to, sadly. I’ve been doing a bunch of upgrades to my primary server, and some old libraries and software that the 3+ year old chat I made for RPH used would just not work with the upgrades. The best thing to do was to write a new chat … Continue reading