Using the dev tool, guide/tutorial

This serves as a guide for writers, so I don’t have to explain the things individually to each person in the future.
It’ll also give others an idea of how the tools work for when I make the engine and tools available to more of the public.

Introduction to the interface.

This is what it looks like when the tool is first opened. It’s on the web, so there’s nothing for each developer to download and … Continue reading

Bug fixes for the last update

With the last update came some new bugs. Many of them should be fixed now.

Game Server:
-Fixed a bug where it could keep delivering the starting scene information, which created a situation where previous writing didn’t show after selecting options and the NPC card would keep flipping.
-Fixed the issue where incorrect scenes were often sent.

-Fixed some issues with item descriptions and states not setting, I think. Probably still buggy since the rewrite, but not as buggy.
-“Hidden” options no longer show as they shouldn’t.
Some options are intended to show if … Continue reading

The biggest little game update

There’s no new content besides some portraits, and no new game mechanics, but just about all of the game server was recoded.
Why all the work for no change right now? Well it opens up possibilities for future content. There’s far less restrictions. It’s also because I want an engine that can be used to make all sorts of games. I had the goal of making sure it could be used to remake anything that’s on Byond, RPG maker, … Continue reading