Security Updates – Many people need to reregister. Others need to reset their password

If you’re getting a wrong user/email and password even though you know it’s right, you need to re-register. I had to purge a number of accounts in order to update things and move forward with some updates.

Users that had signed into the forums before don’t need to re-register, though they do need to update their password. Passwords have been updated to use the most recent standard of cryptography.

About 300-400 users were deleted. Ironically, this was due to things I’m doing to make way for setting up daily backups and making sure there won’t be issues in the future … Continue reading

Revisions system and more.


I really should have added this one a long time ago.  There’s been a few times where I lost some content due to bugs and had to rewrite it. -_- Here it is, though. At least, here’s an early version of it.

Many sites have something like this. Wikipedia does, and so does github. They store the older modified versions of content and highlight the differences between them. I’m not aware of any actual game engines, or game … Continue reading



There’s a small update, but this post is mostly to preview an update to the dev tools.

It’s pretty much just me that needed to add content before, so the dev tool to add it is rather complicated. The other thing is that I need to make it open ended for various other games. Since updating the dev tool so that it’s easy enough for anyone create highly dynamic content is the first thing I need to do, I’ve been working … Continue reading