Another Small Game Update

-Fixed a bug that caused errors to be thrown in IE9 and IE10, making the game not work at all.
-Fixed a bug where the writing parser wouldn’t show a character description for their rear.

-Updated how client and server syncs character updates/transformations/etc, in relation to getters and setters. It can now detect changes in the getters, which it’ll sync through. This fixes a bug with the phallic symbiote, as well as preventing other issues that could have come up in the future.
-Gail should now instruct you to put on the phallic symbiote if you already have … Continue reading

Game and Site update

-Forums now send email notifications.

-Reworked how “death” works. You can now do a “soft restart”, or clone, instead of having to refresh and start all over with the character generation.

-Fixed a bug where the Heat Inducing Injector scene for the Lunari would freeze the game.

A while back, I was speaking about how I wanted some sort of potential consequences. Having to worry some about randomly making choices, or trying to explore every possible outcome, helps keep people more engaged. You have to actually read, and think about what might happen. It also can … Continue reading