Game, Content, and Site Update

My wrists hurt from writing so much code yesterday. -_-


  • Fixed the account activation link from email.


  • Fixed a bug where people wouldn’t get past character creation and onto a zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the character creation screen would sometimes be unnavigateable.
  • Fixed completed quest-indicators not disappearing from the map.
  • Fixed some issues from the last update where some descriptions weren’t showing.
  • Fixed other player-character’s clothing not showing on their character card.
  • Fixed many bugs with certain scenes.
  • Simplified player character details for your own character.
  • Changed the default adjectives for chest … Continue reading

An update on updates

Hi everyone. You’ll notice there are no updates lately.

I’ve been watching The International 3 tournament, as well as having my usual work to do, so I haven’t been able to focus and get any complete updates out.

I have been working on a really big update to items, so they can have a wide ranging API for buttons to do things (discard, equip, unequip, and anything else that effects the player or possibly the world), but it’s not completely polished up yet.

Since it looks like I might not be able to get this update out until next week, … Continue reading

Game Update (August 1st)

  • Updated API for clothing.
    • Less data needs to be exchanged from the server.
    • Only a few more changes will be needed to support things like body suits and accessories.  This is sort of a precursor update to allow those sorts of things to be possible later down the line.
  • An interface element now shows on your character card when there are unspent stat points to spend. This allows stats to be spent after character creation.
  • Filled default keys into options, instead of them needing to be changed before they show.

The first doesn’t really “show” … Continue reading