Alpha 1 pre-release Update 8 notes (Almost there…)

Not ready to set the main, stable server up just yet, but getting there. There’s still two significant issues I need to fix, at the very least, and some writing that needs to be added and polished up and better connected first.
I’ll be releasing access keys for Patreon supporters to share soon, though.

  • Added a number of tools and engines improvements and bug fixes, including adding some capability that was needed to make setting up procedural content more easily. Also fixed a new crash that was happening related to this.
  • Fixed object listeners propagating to object instances, … Continue reading

Alpha 1 pre-release Update 7 notes

This update is rather small. I’ve been really burned out working 60-100+ hours a week the few weeks prior to this past one.

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck and unable to move after a scenario ends.
  • Fixed getting stuck on the part where recalling what you used the injector on after the last update.
  • Fixed Feedback on Scenarios not working. Feedback also now confirms the submission. (Again, please don’t use this to report bugs. Use the forums for that)
  • Client side descriptions now save and restore properly. (Clearing saved site data will clear them out, I … Continue reading

Need help finding a particular bug

This is fixed now. Thanks, again.


I added some debugging that should find the new issue that comes up since the last recode.  It was making the server crash.

Just play it and such, and the logging information I have should come up for me. But it’s not coming up when I try to play it. Or if anyone knows of what they clicked or did when they were getting disconnected yesterday or the day before, please post that on the forums.


Alpha 1 pre-release update 6, and other general updates

A big update is up. This is the 6th major update in less than 5 weeks, and I’m getting close to a stable alpha release.
There’s also been a lot more content added. Maybe I’ll start doing monthly content update recaps or something.

Most things are almost in order now, except for some more efficiency stuff I need to do to get my costs lowered. Hopefully I’ll have the stable release out at the end of this month and the next month or two I can put more time toward adding new features and neat stuff that I have … Continue reading

Fuck Paypal

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the money or not. 25 minutes after I withdrew the August payment from Patreon to Paypal, Paypal locks my account.

“The PayPal User Agreement states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit an account for any violation of the User Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy.”
I have not violated any part of their agreement. I’ve read it many times. But Paypal just does this all the time.

Pretty pissed off and demotivated right now…

I … Continue reading

Alpha 1 pre-release Update 5

There won’t be a lot of new features added the coming week or two as there are some difficult bugs and engine stuff I need to fix up. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot that’s new, or if the game becomes unplayable for a few hours often.

  • Map editing now works so we can edit maps without having to take the server down. Woo
  • Implemented cock size, breast size, and orifice size stuff. Added general functionality for adjustments within traits. (Will use this for height … Continue reading