Some site updates

In addition to getting the game polished up more for the Alpha3 release, I’ve been working on polishing up the site itself better.

One thing that’s been pointed out a few times, is that the old dev tracker page was a bit of a mess. Especially at times when there’s a lot of updates, and especially when one bit of content/scripting is updated repeatedly in the same day.

Instead, it now consolidates repeated edits and groups them by the day, so it should be easier to read.
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What we’re working on

Hey everyone!
There hasn’t been an update on the game for a while (I mentioned earlier that there wouldn’t be much going on until a bit after the holidays were over), and since we’re just now getting back to work on it more heavily, the next update will take a bit.

Yeah, this is long. Lots to go over!

As for myself, I’m working on a new system “under the hood” for dealing with things like status ailments, and various temporary and permanent effects on players.
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