Major bug and a hotfix

I just noticed there’s a major issue with items where someone else equipping and unequipping it does that for others.

Not sure how long it’ll take to fix. It’s a considerable core engine issue that I was somewhat aware of and need to nail down exactly.

I also hotfixed something that caused an issue with the chat not showing and some of the scenario window styling being off.
Global chat restart requires a restart so I’m just going to keep that down for the moment.

Alpha 1 is now up under “play”. Keys available for free access.

There are now two different servers and urls to access the game at. has all the latest content and features as they’re worked on, but it may be unplayable at times and/or very buggy. Only Patrons can access this. is the main “stable” server (at least it should be stable). Both Patrons and people who have redeemed an access key can play here. Later on, I’ll open up wider access until it’s eventually fully open, but that costs too much for me to accommodate right now.

The “Play” button now leads … Continue reading

Alpha 1 Release Candidate 3(Actually Final?)

Well this is a lot later than I wanted to get this ready and released. I should have the public server(non test-server) up within a day or two, now.

It’s a combination of there being a lot more that had to be recoded for the game to work on my new engine than I thought, and adding a lot of things that I originally didn’t plan on but thought I was making good time and had time for.

There’s also the demotivating factor of Paypal stealing almost $500. I thought the Patreon would take off considerably more and that I’d … Continue reading

Alpha 1 Release Candidate 2(Final?)

I think I have all the major issues fixed except some content that needs to be cleaned up, and one I note issue I have noted down below that should be easy to fix once I get some data logged to figure out the problem.

So I should have the main server up in a few days, and people will be able to find keys from the supporters to give access to that server.


  • Created a system for giving out access keys and redeeming them that I’m using so people can give out access to the main server. … Continue reading