Apply to be a writer and dev for LEWD

I set up a snippet from the dev tools to allow people to submit. This isn’t the entire tool, but it’s the part for adding the scenarios that come up, which is the most important part for LEWD.

Some guidelines

  • Familiarize yourself with the game and what it’s about by playing it. You need to have writing that’s a somewhat similar style, and it needs to fit within the context of the game. (Scifi, another solar system, really lewd, aliens, etc) While the style needs to be similar, such as being second person and more emotive … Continue reading

Reference parameters and callback functions detailed

A new update to the engine brings complex reference parameters which I’ll detail here for future devs to look to.

I’ll also detail callback functions here.

Reference parameters is a parameter string in the tool which gets parsed in such a way for the parameter to be filled in with a result that’s stored in a reference.
At the moment, some of the tool such as the autocomplete does not make this as easy of a job as it should be, but that’ll be fixed later.

Variable Types

Private variables are never sent to the players unless they are … Continue reading