Alpha 1 Release Candidate 1

So, things have been delayed a bit.
While I’ve been working on and added a ton of things that weren’t originally on the list of things to get done for the first completed Alpha release, I still fell behind on getting the absolutely bare necessities done to get it released when I wanted, but it’s just about there.

I’ve been working on the private messaging and social features that are upcoming, and ended up going deep down a rabbit hole with that which sucked up way more time than I expected.
I’ve also still been really burned out, … Continue reading

If you’re into space games that aren’t lewd, consider backing this Kickstarter

Normally I wouldn’t be promoting others projects, but this is an exception.

Infinity Battlescale
Infinity Battlescape Kickstarter

I just like the potential this game has, and 3-6 years ago I was learning a lot about programming from reading the creator’s blog posts. It was 3 or 4 years ago when I was looking at his methodology behind procedurally creating planetary terrain and making my own implementation in Unity that was the point I realized I can really program these complex things. I saw him doing a lot of things that people would say … Continue reading

Alpha 1 pre-release Update 9 notes

This should be the last client and engine update before I put up the “Alpha 1” release (besides new things that may come up and a fix to the last known issue at the bottom).

There is still some issues needed with content needing some reworking or additions before I set up the main server with that release, though. I also need to set up that additional server, and need to set up a system to distribute and manage access keys for the supporters and myself to give out, which will take a small amount of time.
If you … Continue reading