Wiped main server saves, fixed styling, updated some content

I forgot to wipe the saves for the main server which was causing problems. Issues related to that for people that had old saves should be resolved now.

Also I forgot to update the styling for some things on the main server, which is fixed now.

And I transferred some more of the content from the test server to the main server. Still reviewing what else to add, and working on finalizing some content to have it added there.

Alpha 2 Release-Candidate 1

Wew.. I kept running into one issue after another that made this take a lot longer. Ended up having to recode a significant amount to get the game-state to properly restore for different players. Then I kept finding a bunch of other bugs, when I want the features and content here to be nicely bug free and polished.

I have updated the main server as well as the test server with this release candidate.  The main server, at the time of writing this, still has the same old content from Alpha 1(except for what’s added due to bug fixes that … Continue reading

Patreon bot updated. And working on the final push toward the Alpha2 release

Programming wise, things seem to be in a good place unless there is some new crash bug or something that’s come up that I haven’t seen yet.
The new engine is a lot more efficient, and I just have maybe 3-4 days total of programming to do to completely have it ready.

It’s April 10th now, so that’s plenty of time left for that, but it’s a question of having the content I want it to have, both enough of it and polished up in time. That’s much more questionable.
So I’m not sure if I’m going to … Continue reading