Alpha 2 Hotfix 3

I’ve been working to get LEWD as bug free as possible. There’s been a number of other small hotfix updates over the past two days.

  • Fixed many new issues came up in the last update that were issues all over the place. (Missing variables, stat changes not doing anything, name showing as “false”, etc)
  • Added missing cervix and womb descriptors

Further update:

  • Fixed description generation when it comes to multiple layers of clothing over something. Still probably some issues with multiple things coming together, I bet, though. Let me know~
  • More wording and spelling fixes, including typo … Continue reading

Alpha2 hotfix2

Thanks everyone that pointed out issues, particularly Leethar.

This is a pretty huge update, but I’m still calling it a “hotfix” since it’s really just bugfixes that ideally shouldn’t have been in the previous update. It is now live on both servers. Make sure you clear cache or do a hard refresh, as most of these are client fixes and I haven’t implemented any version control yet.

This key can be redeemed on your account page up to 300 times to grant main server access to the alpha: ALFA-2TWO-00UP-DATE