Game update


  • Added some content for when someone tries to lay unfertilized eggs from the “Queen’s Dozen” quest, instead of it just not responding.
  • Removed the placeholder Deci-Bell NPC that I had there for testing in the wilderness.


  • Revised some parts of the writing parser in regards to how to “reads” and detects how to rewrite text based on clothing worn and interaction. It also will properly remove/peel multiple layers of clothing.
    Still a heavy WIP on this. It’s really complicated.
  • Added the “isCurrentMap” function to the tools, which was missing and is used to make … Continue reading

Game & site update


  • Most pages can use SSL if you’re worried about security. IE
    This is not finished. I’ll eventually make it the norm for pages where it’s important, but for now you have to manually enter https.
  • There is now an account page.  This is a work in progress. This is where you manage your characters.
    This of course goes along with the whole persistence, character progressive saving, and so on that’s to come later.
    For now you can reserve an extra character in addition to one that matches your account name.
  • Pages have been updated … Continue reading