Things are going smoothly toward the Alpha1 release

There isn’t a lot to really talk about since I’m just rewriting a lot of code, getting the upcoming client working with the new engine and working better than the prototype did.

I just thought I’d give an update to let you all know that things are going well. I haven’t hit any big stumbling blocks so far. Already got a ton of things working nicely, though it’s still just a private client until I feel it’s a good release candidate.
Since things are going so smoothly, I might have time to include some nice new features for Alpha1 … Continue reading

Working on the canon for upcoming content

I’ve been working on the “bible” for LEWD. Basically, it’s the canon for the game world. It will include rules about the lore and such that can’t be broken, or the exceptions where they can be bent.
I’ll probably share this with Patreon supporters at some point, but it won’t be finished until I’ve gathered some of the incoming writers feedback.

Originally I always had a few ideas, but I was keeping it open. There’s a few things that are set in stone, but there is a lot where I can probably get great ideas from others that join … Continue reading

Come Alpha: Supporter Feedback

A new feature is coming to the upcoming alpha client, enabling Patreon supporters to easily leave feedback for a given scene, or the whole scenario that it’s apart of. It’ll be available when the Alpha1 release comes, in a few weeks.

This isn’t completely done. I’d also like to have it divided up in the tool to automatically segment the feedback along side the revisions or something, so just the new feedback/score since the last update could be shown. I don’t think most people really care about the tools side … Continue reading

Come Alpha: Data driven UI updates

For those that missed it, I’m gearing up for a “relaunch” of LEWD with a rewritten client, it running on my new engine, and with hopefully lots of nice new content for the writers I have been seeking.

Though I haven’t redesigned the UI’s look yet, the way it works is now very different, with many enhancements.

There is one little apparent change here, still: The -1 to all but charisma that gets +2.

The whole thing with all the redoing this is that these are no longer some thing … Continue reading

Tools update – Real time inspecting and manipulating of code

So, I’ve been quiet the past year about updates.  Even though I’ve spent thousands of hours on the engine and tools the past year, there’s been hundreds of changes as well as completely redoing things. There just wasn’t much sense in posting about updates when it’s a new thing.


Now things are wrapping up with the tools and engine being mostly complete, where I can start working on the game itself outside of the prototype from before.
This is also a particularly interesting thing, to me, that I thought was … Continue reading

The new Writing Parser, and where it’s going

I realize I left off with some “what I have planned” and “what I’m thinking” for the writing parser a while back, and never posted about where I’ve ended up with it.

Especially with the tools out, some of the writing parser content looked really complicated since it was made before there was this new, improved parser. Well, like I said, I wanted something where writers can just write.

Though that old way of using a bunch of “psuedocode” blocks to check how a player’s stuff is arranged is still there and works because of just how the underlying system … Continue reading