Writing parser detailed

A lot of people were asking about this, how writing is made.

The goal for this sort of stuff from the start was that I would have easy to use tools so regular people I commission to do writing and make content will be able to get their writing in game.
Like the first post, about how the maps can just be made in Photoshop or another program that can save PNGs with an alpha channel, creating NPCs is simple too.

First of all, it seems that most of these games, the programmer(s) of them to break up the … Continue reading

The Hookers are Augmented; quests

This update took a while, because there were a lot of interconnected things that needed to be done.

The alpha is mostly ready for there to be a demo.  It’s only missing items, combat, losing/death, and just some little finishing touches.
Well, the big thing it’s missing is writing… I could probably have had this done today if not for missing that.

  • Character creation was added, though it is basic.
  • Writing parser is added.
  • Quests, and one-time events.
  • Improved key bindings (it’ll show the space text, arrows)
  • Improved the chat wheel
  • Basic character page thing.
  • Made the game … Continue reading