Near term plans

I thought I’d share with you all what we’re planning on for the near term.

I’m going to keep this short though and leave out quite a bit we’ve been working on, either to keep things as a surprise or just not to be a let down if we decide to axe some of it. I’ll instead list of some of the things that are more sure.

More areas and such will come later. Obviously not near-term, for those.


This area is going to be made a bit larger once I get the map creation tools done. Eventually, there’ll be a way to get the main land as well where things will be much more “wild” and dangerous.


  • Hm… really should leave it up to the player to name her? Wasn’t possible before to have inputs like that where the player could enter something and the engine uses that for whatever, but it is now.
  • Shouldn’t be showing her picture the moment you get her since she’s in a jar.
  • She could be a companion I suppose.
  • The player just fucking the jar of goo like it’s a pocket pussy could be an option. For those without cocks, well just poking it. Of course she ends up showing her googirl self and being annoyed by either.
  • Was thinking she might want to be taken around places. Maybe the player can buy her some shimapan and have her model it. ’cause googirls in clothes is adorable.
  • Male, trap, and dickgirl forms as well?


  • This gets highly repetitive and it’s often complained about, rightfully so.
  • Should probably be highly randomized content and be like many different plantgirls. (Could probably add some procedural changes to the portraitsfor a later release, as well)
    • When this content was written, there was no way to have like randomized names or anything.
    • Now, not only can that be done, but you can have different NPCs using the same scenario, with the scenario programming or writing change based on the NPC attached. So one scenario can have a bunch of different things, and it can change to match what one of many of these races are attached to it. This way, instead of just being random, it can be procedural withstill getting an expected result or history for each different one.
    • Random is still generally good though! That is, when it’s random changes to the content so repeated content is more exciting, and not completely random outcomes that actually effect something.
  • There should be some way to turn their rapiness off.  Like, to make them go dormant until someone else screws up and makes them frisky again.
  • Add some non-humanoid plants.


  • Add various randomization so they’re also each one of a species with different features and personalities.
  • Track player relationship for each one. Add some competitiveness and jealousy between them, and different outcomes based on how the player manages them.


  • Ugh, she needs a rewrite. The whole nonchalant jerking off and stuff is good, but I think I wrote this terribly.
  • Really need to change the programming a ton.  She should only be greeting people with a hand job when she’s like expecting a semen sample or something? And she’s just too busy to check if it’s the person she’s expecting. Then it resets when she gets the person she’s expecting.
    • Should probably start over from scratch and only copy over like half the stuff.
  • If the player does good, they should gain favor with her. Then she should give out extra aphrodisiac injectors.
    • Possibly leading to what has injectors used on them the most becoming addicted for a while?
  • Favor gained should also lead to some minor TF things. Maybe increased libido gain, or decreased. More cum. Something to make a female PC gush with every orgasm. Etc.


  • Should also have the same minor TF things dispensed when favor is gained. Probably better that it’s a one or the other thing.

Space Station

For this area I was thinking it could be a very civilized. Maybe a lot of recreation, a bar and restaurant.

Will be making this much larger, with one quarter section of it for a bar, another quarter for some VR game stuff, another for the technical aspects of the station.

Currency stuff

  • There could be some form of currency here. Maybe tracked by a pin clipped on the player’s clothing, or in their hair or something if they have no clothing. And if they have no hair, uh… o_o
    • Then taken back when they leave.

Wait staff

  • Maybe something that’s the same race Sluishtha is with their translucent, bright, slick skin. But they’re the more humanoid side of thing on two legs and with much better English?
  • Super skimpy clothing, with just basically a belt for a skirt and over the nipples on both the females and trappy males?~ I figure the more humanoid one of
    these can be male or female, unlike the more feral/monstrous ones that are all hermaphrodites.


  • Was thinking there could be some things introduced here where his/her content differs based on how “busy” they are.


  • I figure there should be a bunch of tables to sit down at here with “explore”.
  • Besides getting waiter, I was planning on putting some sort of game here.
    • Probably some sort of little card or board game. Either playing with another player that sits across, or an AI.

Cyborg girl/trap

  • Just keep randomly thinking about how I want a cyborg girl or trap who, rather than having some tragic backstory, simply cut off their own arms so “space welfare” would give them fancy new cyborg arms. She’d do well here.

Space Elf

  • Purest elf in the station. Only been used twice.

There’s room for a ton of other stuff. I figured the “bar” would just be at one of four sides of the station.