Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
It’ll be free in some capacity when the alpha is released, soon.

How will LEWD make money?
Hopefully you’ll all help fund it. I don’t want to paywall content or have pay2win stuff. Hats don’t really work here, either, eh?

Is there gay content?
Yes, most of the different characters in the game are bisexual as the norm. Some may be heterosexual or gay only.

Will there be “furries”?
Not in the usual sense of the word. There will be aliens and monsters with fur, but not in that fandom’s vein.

How much content will LEWD have?
Aiming for a few million, to a few tens of millions of words worth of content. It could potentially never stop growing, though.

What kinks and fetishes will LEWD have or not have?
Scat is the only real hard limit. Outside of that, there just has to be a sensible story context for the kink/fetish and it may have it. This means things like diapers have pretty much zero likelihood of being included, as well, because it’s unlikely there would be  a story that goes to that path.

Will there be a desktop client?

Will there be an offline playable download?
Unlikely, but possible. It’d be a huge pain, what with all this tech made around being able to stream new/updated content and all.
Regardless of that, I do want to make some big tech changes to better accommodate those with spotty connections and make sure they can enjoy the game.
That basically means needing some ways to precache content and precalculate what should come up for them as they do things, which is quite an ordeal to code around since that needs to be recalculated when their character or the world changes for everyone. It’s technically possible, but going to be a lot of work.

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