The Hookers are Augmented; quests

This update took a while, because there were a lot of interconnected things that needed to be done.

The alpha is mostly ready for there to be a demo.  It’s only missing items, combat, losing/death, and just some little finishing touches.
Well, the big thing it’s missing is writing… I could probably have had this done today if not for missing that.

  • Character creation was added, though it is basic.
  • Writing parser is added.
  • Quests, and one-time events.
  • Improved key bindings (it’ll show the space text, arrows)
  • Improved the chat wheel
  • Basic character page thing.
  • Made the game … Continue reading

Touch fluffy tail, just a minor update

I haven’t gotten a new build ready to put up, and it might be a few days before I can, so I thought I’d post an update.
This one is being delayed because I was sick two days, and it’s just a bit difficult.

I had to keep thinking of what I want in a dialogue system, write some code, realize there are problems, and either start over or half start over. I needed something like:

  • They’re going to be called “events”, at least in the code. This is because I realized I could use these for more … Continue reading

Some UI and improvements

I was going to work on the character creator next, and get a starter NPC in there to test conversations and story, but I saw some problems.

One, once people were in the last test, I noticed it’s pretty ghostly not being able to see where people are. I added a population counter on each area.
I hate how this looks, though. It’s just a little number there. It looks really ugly. I need another way to represent the population of an area. Maybe a growing circle from the center? Maybe a randomly placed dot for each person? It’d … Continue reading

Putting it online

Programming a game online is at least three times more work than something single player.

Not only do you need extra programming for the server, but you also need to have the server double checking what a client sends it to make sure it’s valid, and something they should be able to do. Cheat prevention, basically. It’s a lot of extra work, unless you’re Planetside2 and decide that sort of stuff is a waste of time. Cheating/Mods is fun for some people, and is a perk of an offline game, but since this is an “MMO” it’s something I have … Continue reading

A game starts getting made

I decided I’m going to create a blog to journal creating the game.

It’ll give you all a chance to see what’s getting ton, how, and what’s to come.

Before I make the offbeatr(kickstarter-like) project page, I need to have something to show people, so I’ve started working on the game so there will be something for people to demo.

When thinking of where to start, I was thinking I need to be able to define the “zones” so you can “go north”, “go east” and so on to walk around.  Sounds simple, but programming something like that would be … Continue reading