The Hookers are Augmented; quests

This update took a while, because there were a lot of interconnected things that needed to be done.

The alpha is mostly ready for there to be a demo.  It’s only missing items, combat, losing/death, and just some little finishing touches.
Well, the big thing it’s missing is writing… I could probably have had this done today if not for missing that.

  • Character creation was added, though it is basic.
  • Writing parser is added.
  • Quests, and one-time events.
  • Improved key bindings (it’ll show the space text, arrows)
  • Improved the chat wheel
  • Basic character page thing.
  • Made the game wider

The neatest thing here is probably the quests.quests
A green arrow points you to your active one, and you have a list of them to change your active quest. This arrow won’t work in some older browsers, however.  Quests are flexible enough to be given by an event, a scene in an event, an item, or lots of other possibilities.

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