Game and Site update

-Forums now send email notifications.

-Reworked how “death” works. You can now do a “soft restart”, or clone, instead of having to refresh and start all over with the character generation.

-Fixed a bug where the Heat Inducing Injector scene for the Lunari would freeze the game.

A while back, I was speaking about how I wanted some sort of potential consequences. Having to worry some about randomly making choices, or trying to explore every possible outcome, helps keep people more engaged. You have to actually read, and think about what might happen. It also can make what you get out of a choice feel more valuable, when it works in your favor. Also, it makes those bad ends feel, well, more bad-end-y.
Losing everything when you can spend weeks or months on it, though, is too harsh. That’s just frustrating. I decided instead that there’d be clone backups.
Instead, you lose your current progress on quests. I might end up adding some item loss as well. This makes it sort of like having to restart the beginning of a level in a platformer, rather than the whole game.
I’m sure I’ll have plenty of adjustments to make on it in the future, to get it right. This works alright for now, though.

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