Security Updates – Many people need to reregister. Others need to reset their password

If you’re getting a wrong user/email and password even though you know it’s right, you need to re-register. I had to purge a number of accounts in order to update things and move forward with some updates.

Users that had signed into the forums before don’t need to re-register, though they do need to update their password. Passwords have been updated to use the most recent standard of cryptography.

About 300-400 users were deleted. Ironically, this was due to things I’m doing to make way for setting up daily backups and making sure there won’t be issues in the future that’ll cause any loss of data.

The consolation is that I’m getting this out of the way now, before there is anything major to go wrong. I’m making making the site more secure, and getting daily backups set up so this won’t need to be gone through in the future when there’s more significant things to lose at stake. IE, I don’t want someone to have spent hundreds of hours playing a character only for something to go wrong and it to go poof, or for something to go wrong with records of them spending money.
Pre-alpha, and all.

I’m in the process of updating my own accounts system, and updating lots with the database like I mentioned. I want to add something soon so people can people can pre-fund the game before Kickstarter, so I wouldn’t need to be paying out of pocket for artwork and some advertising, to hopefully make the Kickstarter itself more successful. The Kickstarter is going to be pushed back.
Before I did that, I want to make sure everything is secure. So eh, yeah it really sucks that a few accounts got deleted, but better now than when more harm could happen.

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