Bug fixes for the last update

With the last update came some new bugs. Many of them should be fixed now.

Game Server:
-Fixed a bug where it could keep delivering the starting scene information, which created a situation where previous writing didn’t show after selecting options and the NPC card would keep flipping.
-Fixed the issue where incorrect scenes were often sent.

-Fixed some issues with item descriptions and states not setting, I think. Probably still buggy since the rewrite, but not as buggy.
-“Hidden” options no longer show as they shouldn’t.
Some options are intended to show if you don’t meet the requirements, but are blurred out. Others aren’t supposed to show at all when you don’t meet the reqs, which are the “hidden” ones.
-When you don’t meet the requirements for an option, hovering over the select now shows the requirements once again. How they’re displayed could still use work, though.
-Fixed stats showing as “undefined” for characters that don’t have stats, species, etc.
-Fixed an issue with the writing parser running into false values since the update.

There is still a major issue that makes the game server crash. I haven’t been able to track down what causes it, or how to reproduce it.  If anyone sees it disconnect on them, and it says it’s down after refreshing, let me know what may have caused it.
I added some more debug logging as well to hopefully find it. The stack trace is, sadly, super vague.

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