A new direction – bringing the tools to others sooner with Creightr

Creightr – Make and play games easily

Before I had that whole plan that I’d make LEWD, but I always wanted to develop the engines for others along side that, to give back and all.

I decided to change gears and do that later thing first. You know, I just think there’s a lot more appeal to more people to have something to easily make a game with.
Not only that, but I had trouble finding motivated people to help work on LEWD. With Creightr, it’s other peoples projects.

I can also get the engine matured sooner, and get a lot more feedback on how to improve it and make the tools easy to use, which will benefit LEWD.

So the plan is to do a kickstarter for that.  Either this month, or I may wait until after the holidays. I’m working on a video for it at the moment. The link at the start leads to a page with information on it.

This doesn’t necessarily set LEWD back much, if at all. If I get enough from the Kickstarter for Creightr, I’ll be able to pick up people to work on LEWD along side it. If it’s not much, well, it has to all be spent on servers, so I don’t know. I still very much want to complete LEWD and move onto more after it, of course.

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