Another update, primarily for content

-Fixed the Forum button at the bottom right of the game being the wrong url, as well as it not opening in a new window.
-Fixed a bug where descriptions could get double parsed. “chest that’s covered by ___ that’s ___ covered” sort of thing.

-Added timers to the common random Events so they won’t repeatedly pop up when you’re just trying to move through the zone.
-Added some more text on the connection-blocked error for those that get it.
-Reworked how Events are bound to Areas(tiles).
When I first set up how data was arranged, and the JSON was for the Events, I just completely overlooked how I was going to bind an Event onto multiple maps, so all the data that was saved that Events are constructed from would not work for what I needed to do.
So I had to make something that converted all that data, change the Event constructor, and change the tools so new content and updates to content is saved in the new method.
This is used so I can have the new items drop on both maps.

-Added some new alternate content to Macsen that better acknowledges friendliness.
Added various other content to him as well. He’s gone from about 4550 words since the last update to 6100 now.
Before one of the middle encounters was written like someone was flirty with him even if they weren’t.
-Adjusted some content for Spajss Ajss that displayed what looked like a first encountered, when you’ve already met her before from the injection quest
-Added some unfinished writing for The Queen in The Colony. There’s no finished story there, just a hint of her personality and what’s in store. I’m not sure I’ll get to finishing this before the KS campaign with how busy I am.
-Added another scene for bBot in the prison on Outpost 833.
There’s some custom scripting for when the player selects the “wrong” option. There’s also a little puzzle.
You need to use “Explore” at the door to get out, since I don’t have support for queued events at the moment.(described at the bottom)
-Two new items with a very small random chance to be found have been added. What could they be? ¯\(ツ)/¯
Their content isn’t finished, though. >_> But it’s still a nice taste like The Queen thing.

I’m realizing now that I need to have a system for switching out whole groups of options instead of single lines based on the same sort of tests used to decide what content to show. They aren’t necessary, but they’ll make things easier for content creators.
I also need a way to “queue” Events so it can put it in line with a player to start once their current Event ends. Currently, it suppresses new ones that are triggered while one is already up. I need this like on bBot. I want to have him come back after a minute if the player hasn’t escaped for another encounter and a possible bad end. Right now if I had something like that happen, but someone had another scene up on their screen at that minute point, it’d just not come up. It should queue to come up after.
I also want a way to add local descriptions to NPCs that work like the player descriptions, so they can be referenced without duplicating writing.
These things are going to wait until after the KS campaign I think as I want to avoid significant features at the moment because sometimes something can go wrong and it’s a pain to fix, but having them written down here should help me remember. They’re things I need to add right away for the future staff to use.

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