Nearing April, and a small update

Hey so, first just a general update. You may have noticed I planned to launch a Kickstarter at the start of November. That’s 2 weeks from now. I’m a bit unsure. I’m thinking there needs to be like at least 1000 people that really want to see this finished for it to work out well.

There was a little over 100 registered accounts a month ago. Now it’s up to nearly 350.  In the past two days alone, there’s been over 100 more. That’s last part is really great.
But lets see.. 50/day, 15 days, that’s barely scratching that 1000 mark. And I’m sure the number of people following the project won’t go up so much per day if things just stay the same.
I’m going to have to figure out some other ways to spread the word and garner more support. If anyone out there knows a place to post about it, feel free to do so yourself. Telling your friends is usually the most helpful thing.


-Fixed a bug that could put the writing parser into an infinite loop, freezing the browser. This popped up after that bit of recoding I had done to it.
-Fixed a bug with backslashes appearing since the last writing parser update.
-Fixed underwear description showing bottom outerwear. I had recoded how it looks up clothing a while back, and forgot to set something to checks clothing depth when looking for the underwear.
-Camera has been recoded.
The way I coded it before was simply weird because of an oversight. It didn’t necessarily not work. But I also adjusted the bounds so that it should work on low resolutions.
I also made the map shrink down on low resolutions to contain more tiles, so there’s also much less camera movement on low resolutions and there is a more uniform experience.

-Rewrote what’s there so far of the goo and android scene, and added some more to them.


I was going to save adding a system for queued Events for later, but I guess I ought to just go ahead do that next. The Outpost 833 area is a bit messed up without it, with some people getting stuck and not realizing they need to hit “explore”.

I also plan to add a bit of a prologue thing before the character creation.

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