So, I just thought I’d post this since it’s been a few days with no updates.

I was playing around with Unreal Engine 4, just so I can see what it can do. I wanted to get an idea of what I’ll actually be able to do with it, and how much effort it’s really going to take to make use of it.

I was making some things in it, but sadly it turns out that I can’t show that because of some bugs with UE4 itself. UE4 is just a beta right now, and they have a number of things to fix with it.

The time isn’t wasted or anything. Its editor has given me a number of ideas for some things. But yeah, things are a bit behind now.
I had planned to launch that kickstarter on April 1st, but it’s looking more like it’ll be around the 15th, or even the end of April. I don’t want to just abitrarily launch it on the 1st of April because I mentioned that date earlier. I want to wait until I think it’s ready and will have a big impact.
Right now it could still use more people following it and wanting to support it~ I also need to get artist(s) lined up. Lastly, it could use a bit of content filled in, even if it is just a demo and all.

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