Alpha 1 pre-release update 6, and other general updates

A big update is up. This is the 6th major update in less than 5 weeks, and I’m getting close to a stable alpha release.
There’s also been a lot more content added. Maybe I’ll start doing monthly content update recaps or something.

Most things are almost in order now, except for some more efficiency stuff I need to do to get my costs lowered. Hopefully I’ll have the stable release out at the end of this month and the next month or two I can put more time toward adding new features and neat stuff that I have in mind.

Also, we are still looking for another good writer to join the team. See:

Engine changes:

  • I did some major recoding that increases efficiency on both ends (a lot less data will be used, as well as less wasted CPU and memory on the client to handle some duplicate network events that could happen.)
  • Added some preliminary code to handle some client caching and instancing of things that can come up repeatedly, but it’s not fully implemented.
  • Also a lot of stream lining of APIs on both ends that further reduces the amount of code that needs to be written to achieve things, including a client API fix that would sometimes make unnecessary calls when game objects are updated, which lowered performance.
    • This also helped fix a lot of issues in general, namely with restoring save states.
    • Server also sends a lot of updates in batches to improve both network and client performance.


  • Fixed a bug with the phallic symbiote sometimes not counting as a penis when it should… sort of (see known issues)
  • Fixed an issue with the writing parser that would be problematic with falsey values.
  • Fixed equipping and unequipping clothing not working correctly on a restored save. (would still show a top as on when topless, etc)
  • Fixed underwear and other previous items not restoring with the restored save.
  • Fixed a new issue where sex traits weren’t showing as checked on a restored save.
  • Fixed the “more info” link on the game connection screen not actually doing anything.
  • Dev Tracker now shows dates for the updates.
  • Saves have been wiped since the way some player data is arranged has been changed. After the first alpha release I’ll avoid save wipes, but right now it’s not like there’s a lot of progression lost. There are ways to refractor saves instead of wiping them later on, but I’m just not bothering with that right now.

Known Issues:

  • Seems that descriptions which are set aren’t being saved, and they keep reverting back to the defaults when loading a save. This also effects descriptions setting for the phallic symbiote.
  • Feedback is broken after some update I did to it I think. Will fix soon.
  • There is an issue with instance listeners that’s still using up more data than it should, as well as creating a little lag.

Those that have successful payments of at least $15 now gain test server access even if they’re no longer pledging (previously it required an active pledge)
This will be cut off once the alpha is launched and public. This is just to continue to give access for those that already supported a significant amount so they can keep playing/testing until there is the public alpha to play on. After that, test server access will remain a month-by-month thing.

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