Alpha 1.3 release candidate

I updated the test server with some fixes.

I’ll be updating the main server in a few days – assuming these fixes don’t create new problems (please report problems) – along with giving a key each emailed to a few thousand of the oldest registered accounts.


  • Fixed an engine issue that lead to it being unresponsive when selection any option in response to “More of the same?” from the female ‘taur.
  • Added the missing instance id to an object’s properties
  • Fixed an engine issue that wasted a lot of data and caused the bug where your clothing would seem to get unequipped, and you would see issues like “removes your bare breasts” in the writing.
  • This would also cause problems with things not being equipped the same when you leave the game and come on again. That’ll probably be an issue that still persists between server restarts until a further update, however.
  • Fixed an issue where scenarios were being bound to a tile multiple times, and explorable only scenarios were getting bound to scenarios on initialization of the server that shouldn’t be.  Fixes roll chances too high, and explorable only scenarios coming up without hitting “Explore”.


  • Fixed the tool showing multiples of a scenario when a tile was clicked if it was an explorable scenario.

Patron Bot:

  • Fixed an issue with capitals in emails which was effecting 8 Patrons.

There is a known issue with player data not saving on scenarios between sessions, and even between instances of them. But there is very little content that this effects, and I’m going to be focusing on some other things before fixing that.

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