Alpha 1.3, hotfix 2

I want to reiterate that we’re always looking for feedback on the game, and that you can post that on the forum. In developing a game, you sometimes see things a certain way and things seem to play fine, but you need that perspective of how it is for people that are fresh to it and how that might not be the best. We especially need feedback from those that are supporting the game monetarily and helping progress it that way, and what they expect, what could be better.
It’s just an alpha, yeah, but you shouldn’t just assume that things will magically get better and that we’ve thought all that you’ve thought, especially when there are things that you don’t see written in the “game info” or otherwise haven’t seen mentioned. So don’t be shy on giving your feedback on issues you ran into, or things that you think that could improve the game which fall in line with the sort of game it is.

There’s quite a lot of people that are pledging to the Patreon then canceling before a payment. I’m not sure if these are just people trying to abuse and cheat Patron’s dumb system, if they had problems getting things to work, or if there is something they expected when pledging that they didn’t actually get so changed their mind. For the last two, well feedback would be helpful that we haven’t gotten.

Anyway, I think this fixes all the problems with Alpha 1. I’m going to start on Alpha 2 that should be out in March or April, which will add a number of neat new features. Alpha 2 will also fix one of the two last remaining engine issues that are in the way of a beta release and making the game freely available to non-supporters more widely, the saving and carrying persistence between player instanced game objects seamlessly, which is the cause of some “bugs” at the moment. (The other issue is caching to help lower bandwidth costs and further speed things up)
When Alpha 2 is released, I’ll also be updating the main server with the test server content that’s polished enough for that, which should be around a 30-50% increase in the amount of written content that’s currently there. I’ll also be giving out at least another 10,000 keys along side the Alpha 2 release, spread between the older registered users and large keys I’ll post publicly again.


  • Fixed an issue where things on the account page didn’t update in a proper order, so it’d still say you don’t have main-server access after redeeming a key.
  • Added a “logout” button to log out from your account.


  • Added more detail for female sex that was missing.
  • Fixed some more PARSE_ERRORs, including one that wasn’t finished for plural body parts (thighs, arms, etc). Still need to add some things for how it generates descriptions for asymmetrical pairs.
  • Fixed some more content issues that had things displaying that shouldn’t have been under certain conditions.
  • Fixed some new crash issues that came up due to some previous updates.

There’s been more content added to the test server as well, but you can see the dev tracker for that. Some point soon, I do want to start doing like “content” recaps to better go over them, but things can be pretty hectic with my programming side of things right now.

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