Test server update

So far, still updates to get some enhancements to the engine all working smoothly, and to have the capabilities there for new upcoming features. Also got some more bugs fixed.

  • Introduced a preliminary to restore player instances of game data. This should make some content work that wasn’t before, like the Macsen sex scenes that required tracking a “fondness” he had for each player. It also gets items restoring to their previous equip/unequipped state, and makes a lot of new content we’re working on possible. It’s just preliminary since it’s just a short persistence, and there are a lot of things I need to do over the next few weeks to get it fully capable and efficient.
  • Fixed some more issues with parsing. “Eyes” would sometimes say they are bare.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would move inaccurately in some cases, particularly when teleporting a great distance.
  • Made some small client changes to improve its efficiency slightly.
  • Lowered the rate of libido gain (did this one a while ago and forgot to note it).
  • Libido is now mostly working and updating correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some game objects would not get listened for changes on them. Only affects some new content being added, and nothing that was previously there.

I did notice some more issues with the parsing of what clothing is covering correctly. Some things seems to be showing bare and I’m not sure if it was doing that before this update or not.
I also think there’s some issues with parts of the player and/or their clothing being “cum covered”, “egg-filled”, and things like that, and how they’re handled by the content, especially with multiple things like that. I have a more robust ailments/conditions system which I might want to have implemented for the Alpha 2 release.
And there is some odd issue with underwear that makes them unequipable now that I need to look into. But besides that it seems like I’ve gotten most most of the new issues that have come up from this recoding resolved.

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