Alpha 2 Release Candidate 2

  • Completely recoded movement and pathfinding.
    • A lot of people were requesting diagonally movement, and that’s now in.
    • When using movement keys, the movement keys now don’t trigger until a second key is pressed (ie d held then w pressed), or until after the single key is lifted, instead of key down, to accomodate diagonal movement.
    • Less data is used for the new movement. The interpolation is much smoother and should be problem-free. A bunch of silly issues where fixed that often came up when, say, clicking to move while already moving.
    • todo: smart interpretation and queuing when using hotkey movement. It’s not very smooth right now compared to click-to-move.
  • Made experimental changes to the connection model. Hopefully less disconnects. Please report any connectivity quirks and provide any data that you can.
  • Added additional logging to try to find some errors. It seems like some client threads on the server may be halting for some reason, which could be responsible for the problem of some people being unable to access any content in The Matriarchy. I haven’t been able to replicate this on my end, please report any way you can find to reproduce the problem.
  • The intro is now roughly 30% faster.
  • Lots more content fixes.
  • Disabled most debug logging on the main server, which’ll also speed things up.
  • Some more efficiency improvements to the server. There’s still more to be found, for sure. (Seems like all the chargen things are really snappy, but sometimes selecting dialog options is a bit slow? Caching and pre-caching later down the line should also help ensure that’s made to be instantly responsive)
  • Really fixed an issue that was causing scenes to sometimes not show. -_-
  • Fixed an issue with the parser when it was trying to display non-string values.
  • Fixed an issue where login errors would sometimes not show.
  • Fixed it not properly labeling supporters as supporters on the main server on the client.

I think this is it and ready to be released except for content needing to be polished up and selected to be on the main server. Well, unless that issue in The Matriarchy is widespread. I need to figure that out.

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