Bot back up; you can link account and get credit again

Well, for now at least.

I’m not sure what changed. Maybe it’s because I had her turned off for a day.
In the past she was relogging into Patreon and updating information every 6 hours since I was getting a lot of messages of people asking where their key was that couldn’t wait a day.
So I don’t know.. maybe if I cut her back to scraping every 24 hours, I won’t have the problem of Patreon flagging her as a bot and banning her.
Or maybe Patreon whitelisted her but hasn’t notified me of that yet. That is what I requested of her, and the customer service person notified me that they’d have to ask around and try to get back to me on it.

Either way, my bot is working now so people can link their LEWD and Patreon account again and get their contributions credited properly once more.

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