Another small game update, and update about Patreon

So.. it seems like something got messed up with the Patreon “charge upfront” thing and their CSVs, which are basically text tables of the Patrons data.
My bot parses those CSVs to fill out people’s pledges and totals on this site, to give them access to what they should have.
Well.. Patreon has this horrible bug where the “lifetime” amount listed for people on the CSV doesn’t update when they are charged in the middle of a month when they initially pledge. It only does so on the reoccurring.
Even worse, if they pledge and then retract being a Patron and aren’t charged next month, it forever keeps their “lifetime total” at $0 even though Patreon charged them.
So… yeah. People aren’t getting a key unless they stick around to be charged at the beginning of the month.  If I could, I’d remove the “charge upfront”, but Patreon won’t let me. Setting it to charge upfront is a permanent change that can’t be undone.

I emailed them about this issue of theirs on August 20th, but it’s still a problem. They’re always super slow on adding or fixing anything. I should be able to work around the issue myself, but it’ll take a bit. :/

It mostly just sucks, all this time I have to spend working around Patreon issues instead of working on the game.

Update notes

  • Fixed destinations not being selectable since the last star system map update.
  • Fixed some issues with the camera movement which also came up in the last update.
  • Finishing chargen now focuses on the planet and fades the game in to give an idea on where you’re starting.
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