Working on dev tools improvements

There’s not going to be any major client updates until next month. That said, there has been a lot more content added to the test server since the last major update, which you can see on the Dev Tracker.

There are some performance issues with the dev tools that make them annoying to use, which I need to look into.
There’s also other things that can make them annoying to use, like rearranging scenarios doesn’t automatically refactor various pointer references, which makes it take an annoying amount of work to heavily change around some of the previous content in the game.

I’m not completely sure how long it’ll take. It’s going to take some digging and profiling to improve the performance issues with the tools. That’s just how dev tools tend to be, as they hold and iterate over a lot more data at once than a client will ever have to.

Still though, if you see any bugs, please reports those on the forums so I can get them fixed. And leave any feedback you have on the forums or Patreon.

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