Game Update (August 1st)

  • Updated API for clothing.
    • Less data needs to be exchanged from the server.
    • Only a few more changes will be needed to support things like body suits and accessories.  This is sort of a precursor update to allow those sorts of things to be possible later down the line.
  • An interface element now shows on your character card when there are unspent stat points to spend. This allows stats to be spent after character creation.
  • Filled default keys into options, instead of them needing to be changed before they show.

The first doesn’t really “show” but it’s important for the future. I knew a long time ago that I wanted to support whole body suits like plugsuits, and this updates makes sure it will be possible to add later on.
Sounds simple, but it’s quite a pain to write scene to take account of all sorts of outfits. What about crotchless panties? Those don’t need to be removed.  And a body suit, do you really just take all that off or undo parts of it? This update makes it as easy as can be to manage all that.

Making stats settable after character creation is an obvious addition. In the future, stat points will be earned so you can progress.

Next I’m probably going to expand items so you can equip/unequip clothes, discard items, attach and detach the alien symbiote, with an API on the tools to make about anything possible.
I also have some more bugs to fix, of course.

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