Game & site update


  • Most pages can use SSL if you’re worried about security. IE
    This is not finished. I’ll eventually make it the norm for pages where it’s important, but for now you have to manually enter https.
  • There is now an account page.  This is a work in progress. This is where you manage your characters.
    This of course goes along with the whole persistence, character progressive saving, and so on that’s to come later.
    For now you can reserve an extra character in addition to one that matches your account name.
  • Pages have been updated to show a login/registration link if not logged on, and a link to your account page when you are.
    There’s also a ton of back end changes done for security and to get some account and payment processing things working. Just not things you’ll notice just yet.


  • The Queen renamed to The Matriach.
  • The colony she’s in renamed to The Matriarchy.
  • Added in more non-player character portraits.
  • Tonssss of content bugs fixed that sprung up from the large engine update before. If you see more, don’t be shy to report them on the forum.


  • Credit is now shown for artists over the portraits, and writers on scenes.
  • Updated the UI just a bit to work better on lower resolutions.
    Character card will no longer clip into the chat on low resolutions.
    Dialog options no longer jumble up and overlap when too small for the screen (but they do get cut off… I need to redo the whole UI, like I’ve said)
    Things align more evenly and snugly.
    Restyled movement controls to no longer have a bunch of blank space that you can’t click the map through.
    These are just some bandaid fixes. I intend to do a totally new interface later down the line.
  • Fixed triggered state changing of items. This fixes clothing not getting damaged when it should. (actually not done by the time of posting this, but I’m fixing this next thing)
  • Fixed adjectives not being added when triggered. This fixes not getting clothes or skin all slimed by Sluishtha, among other things.

Game Server:

  • Fixed an issue with tracking completion of things, that lead to delivering the wrong content.
  • Timers on content correctly work again. These are mainly used to keep the same random encounters from luckily(or unluckily) popping up repeatedly when you’re just trying to move around.
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