Game update


  • Added some content for when someone tries to lay unfertilized eggs from the “Queen’s Dozen” quest, instead of it just not responding.
  • Removed the placeholder Deci-Bell NPC that I had there for testing in the wilderness.


  • Revised some parts of the writing parser in regards to how to “reads” and detects how to rewrite text based on clothing worn and interaction. It also will properly remove/peel multiple layers of clothing.
    Still a heavy WIP on this. It’s really complicated.
  • Added the “isCurrentMap” function to the tools, which was missing and is used to make sure the player is in an applicable area for laying eggs. Uh, oops.


  • Items are properly removed when triggered to. IE, discarding an item, or their consumption being triggered somehow.
  • Fixed a bug that caused logic to not recognize the player as having a penis when the phalic symbiote was equiped. In general, there was an issue with player variable updates that didn’t affect other options.
    This is a band-aid fix for now and I need to improve this part of the engine.
  • Reworked adjective adding to work on body parts, so the surrogate quest line can add that the PC is stuffed with eggs in writing.
    However, there is a bug where washing will remove it. I’ll have to better think of how to set that up later.
  • Escaping(backslash) on escaped dialog options is now properly removed.
  • Fixed an issue where writing parser functions were sometimes not being executed and then removed from the writing. (remove(), noremove(), etc)
  • Clothing is damaged properly, once again.
    There’s still the occasional bug with how clothing descriptions are written, however.
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