Things are going smoothly toward the Alpha1 release

There isn’t a lot to really talk about since I’m just rewriting a lot of code, getting the upcoming client working with the new engine and working better than the prototype did.

I just thought I’d give an update to let you all know that things are going well. I haven’t hit any big stumbling blocks so far. Already got a ton of things working nicely, though it’s still just a private client until I feel it’s a good release candidate.
Since things are going so smoothly, I might have time to include some nice new features for Alpha1 instead of it primarily just being a rewrite. Or I’ll have time to add some writing myself along with what the writers are adding, come when it’s released in late July.

Also I could use any good UI mockups if anyone is good at those, just post them in the forums. Not sure if I’ll do a new UI by the Alpha1 release in July, but I want to for Alpha2 in August if I have a good idea for how it should be.

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