Working on the canon for upcoming content

I’ve been working on the “bible” for LEWD. Basically, it’s the canon for the game world. It will include rules about the lore and such that can’t be broken, or the exceptions where they can be bent.
I’ll probably share this with Patreon supporters at some point, but it won’t be finished until I’ve gathered some of the incoming writers feedback.

Originally I always had a few ideas, but I was keeping it open. There’s a few things that are set in stone, but there is a lot where I can probably get great ideas from others that join the team, so I never wrote anything down.

Now, though, I’m going to outline a basic bible to help build up. When that’s complete, which could be a few weeks before it’s really “sealed”, I’ll probably release it for Patreons to see.

I also need to write down some writing style guidelines, near term plans, middle term, long term, etc.

Other than that, I’m on the verge of getting writers accepted into the team and able to help storyboard and work on content for the Alpha1 release. So far I’ve been getting everything done for the day that I had planned for that day, and then some, so it looks like I’m still on track for a late July or slightly later than that release of Alpha1.

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